What is Replicon Cloud Clock?

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The Replicon Cloud Clock is an all-in-one employee time collection service. It includes state-of-the art hardware, software, configuration, support and maintenance. It works automatically with Web TImeSheet SaaS instances.


  • The time clock has a large, full-color multi-touch screen with a built-in camera that captures employee punches and communicates in real time with Replicon's Time & Attendance software. The camera also creates a photo audit trail to discourage Buddy punches.
  • The time clock hardware and software work together seamlessly. Punches from the clocks show up in the web application instantly, so supervisors and administrators can review them.
  • Administrators can control functionality on the time clocks through web-based configuration screens.
  • Replicon Cloud Clock has real-time monitoring software built into each clock, so that Replicon gets to know when something goes wrong before you do.


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