When the user tries to sign into Replicon Mobile Application on the iPhone, the error message Object reference not set to an instance of an object shows up after entering the company name and the credentials.

The user is setup as an External User in Web TimeSheet and there is no permission which can be assigned to the External User with reference to Mobile Application as he only has the Permission of a Client Approver.

In case if the Web TimeSheet Administrator agrees, then the user can be set up as a normal user and a new permission can be created, in which the user would be only given the permission for Replicon Mobile Application.

Please follow the steps listed below to set up the External user as a User:

  • Login to Web TimeSheet with Administrator credentials.
  • Then expand User's and click on External User.
  • Select the External User whom the Administrator wants to login to Replicon Mobile Application and then delete the user.
  • Create a user account with the same name under User's.
  • Next go to Permissions and then click Add.
  • This would bring the Add New Permission Screen.
  • Name the Permission as Permission for Mobile Application for External User.
  • Expand Project's and then Enable only Client/ External Approver, (as the External User only has the Client Approver Permission)
  • Then Expand Integration and Enable Use Replicon Mobile app.
  • Save the changes.
  • Then go to the user profile and assign the newly created permission.


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