How do I change my username in Web Resource?

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I have logged into Web Resource with administrative privileges, I would like to change my user name from admin to my name.

You will not be able to change the username of the user, using which you have logged into the Web Resource. To change the name of a user you have to log into Web Resource with another username which has the permission to do so.

  • Create a new username with administrative privileges or log in with a user name with administrative privileges apart from your own username.
  • Click on the Resources and click on List Resources from the drop down list.
  • In the resource list click on the edit button (pen icon) beside the username you would like to change.
  • In the resource profile click on the Edit button located to right of the username.
  • In the Define Resource page, locate the username under the Security section.
  • Change the username and click on the save button.
  • Log out of the current username and log back in to your account with the new username.


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