An Expense receipt with .tif extension has been uploaded to Expense Sheet, but, an Expense Approver is unable to view the Expense receipt.

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) or .tif files for photo images are generally pretty large as TIFF is an uncompressed format whereas JPEG files are much smaller, and are suitable for non-archival purposes, like photos for read-only email and web page use.

To open all .tif files, we will need to install external plug-ins or the user who has submitted the Expense Sheet need to email the expense receipt to the Expense approver or Web TimeSheet Administrator so that the below mentioned steps can be performed.

  • Open the email attachment (.tif image).
  • Save it in JPEG format.
  • Open the Expense sheet which has the .tif image as an Expense receipt.In the Expense receipts pop up box you can click on the replace image under the Upload section and upload the JPEG image.
  • Click on save.


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