The timesheet period is set for semi-monthly, however the timesheets generated for the users may turn out to be monthly.

For example, a semi monthly timesheet period is for 1st and 16th of every month, however the effective date is set to January 2nd 2012.
In such a scenario, the application tries to automatically correct the mismatch and generate a monthly or probably a longer timesheet, until it reaches a point where the next timesheet starts on a 1st or a 16th.


  • Delete the timesheet period and the associated timesheets.
  • Create a new timesheet period for 1st and 16th of every month and set the effective date to the 1st or 16th.
  • In case timesheets cannot be deleted, then, create a manual timesheet period to bridge the difference until the next 1st or 16th.
  • Then create another timesheet period for semi-monthly, starting from the new 1st or 16th.

Back up timesheet information before deleting any timesheet from historical timesheets.

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