On smart interface, when you delete time entry, it keeps a ‘0’ entry in the timesheet when you have UDF field set to required.

Let’s say, you have UDF created of drop down type at the Timesheet hour level which is a required field.

If time is entered against a task with one of the options selected on the UDF created at the hour level and saved timesheet, later if you would like to remove the time entries, it doesn’t go off, it keeps a ‘0’ hour entry in the timesheet which can’t be deleted. This show up on the timesheet billing reports sent to the clients

Issue appears only if the UDF is a required field, able to clear the entries on timesheet if the UDF is set to optional.

Work Around:

  • Set one of drop down values defined in User Defined Field as default value.
  • Clear time entries from the timesheet and switch UDF value to the default, it will let you remove ‘0’ entries in the timesheet cell and it won’t appear on the timesheet billing report.
  • If you do not have a default value, the only way to clear it is to delete the row and reenter it.

Please refer the attachment.

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