What timesheet format should we use?

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You can assign each timesheet user in your system one of the following timesheet options:

  • Standard timesheet
    User enters the duration of time they worked.
  • In-Out timesheet
    User enters the time they start and stop working, and Replicon will automatically calculate the duration. Or, the user may enter the start time and the duration, and Replicon will determine their stop time.
  • Standard timesheet OR In-Out timesheet
    User can choose to use either of those timesheet types, and may switch between types at any time.
  • Locked In-Out timesheet
    Users punch in and out when they start and stop working, and cannot edit the time they have entered. Useful if, for audit and accountability purposes, you require an accurate, non-editable record of time worked.

The decision tree below may help guide you when deciding which format to assign:


Once you have decided what format or formats to use, assign them within permission profiles assigned to users:

For more information about timesheet formats, refer to Selecting and Assigning Timesheet Formats in Web TimeSheet's online help.

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