If you are using the Standard 2.0 timesheet format and you see a Timesheet Recovered message, Replicon has recovered your timesheet data using a data “snapshot”. When using Standard 2.0, Replicon takes snapshots of your timesheet while you use it so that data can be easily recovered if a problem arises.

The two most common circumstances that require timesheet recovery are:

  • An issue occurred with one of the Replicon servers

In our SaaS data center, if the server where your data is stored stops working, it is immediately replaced with a redundant server, and all of your stored data is saved. However, if you have entered data into Standard 2.0 but it has not yet been saved, that data could be lost if a server fails. To protect your data, Replicon takes a snapshot of all unsaved data entered into Standard 2.0, allowing this data to be easily restored in the event of server disruptions.

  • An issue exists in the timesheet

If Replicon’s internal error checking system identifies an issue that it can’t fix, it will return your timesheet to the last known safe state using the recovery snapshot feature. This prevents the issue from impacting your timesheet data. Any issues the system identifies are automatically reported to Replicon’s Development team to fix.


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