What is the Smart Interface timesheet format?

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Smart Interface is a new and improved version of Web TimeSheet's standard timesheet format that was released in July 2011. The Smart Interface format offers four key advantages over the old standard timesheet:

  • Improved performance
    The new timesheet is much faster than the old one in every respect — loading, submitting, and every action in between.
  • A newly-designed task selector (Project & Billing only)
    The new task selector is simpler and easier to use. There is no separate pop-up window; you simply choose clients, projects, and tasks directly from the timesheet itself. Integrated search functionality and filtering by Client column make it easy to find the projects and tasks you're looking for.
  • More consistent and less intrusive error handling
    In the new timesheet, Replicon validates your data as you enter it, notifying you unobtrusively of any errors as you progress. Unlike the old timesheet, you will not be forced to fix errors before saving. Any errors that you need to fix before you can submit are listed above the timesheet.
  • Enhanced Copy From functionality
    When you use the Copy From feature in the new timesheet, you can choose exactly what timesheet you would like to copy from, what data you'd like copied, and whether data should overwrite any existing timesheet data.

Note: There are some other key differences between Smart Interface and the old standard timesheet:

  • Smart Interface does not support Internet Explorer 6.0
    Therefore, you must use Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, or another supported browser, with the new timesheet.
  • Some features of the old standard timesheet are not yet available in Smart Interface
    The following features are not yet available:
  • Schedule Discrepancies
  • Timecard comparison

For more details refer the FAQ page.

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