You can specify that an employee's set hours per day are automatically added to each holiday in their timesheet and/or time off calendar. If the employee has to work on a holiday, then those auto-populated hours must be manually removed to allow the user to add their work hours.

Employees can delete these bookings from their Time Off Calendar.

If you're an administrator, to remove the holiday hours:

  1. Select Administration from the top menu, and then select Shortcuts > Historical Time Off from the side menu.
  2. Find the holiday booking. Use the Search function, if necessary.
  3. Select the icon for the booking, and click Yes to confirm.

The Time Off Booking is Deleted e-mail notification will not be sent when you delete the booking, since auto-populated bookings are system-approved.

  1. If the timesheet has already been submitted by the user, then reopen it via the Historical Timesheets page.

Now the user can enter the hours they worked on that day.

If employees frequently work on holidays, you might consider disabling the holiday auto-population feature via the List Time Off Types page.

For information on holidays or on auto-populating holiday hours, refer to Defining Holidays in Replicon's online help.


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