What are Custom Columns? Why might I use them?

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Custom columns are report or export fields that are derived from formulas that you define. You can create just about any type of text, numeric, or date formula you can imagine, using fields available in the Replicon report or export where the custom column will display.

You might use a custom column if data you want to view isn't available in Replicon by default. For example, if you work for a contracting company, your organization is likely interested in knowing the gross margin for any project it completes. However, since different organizations calculate gross margin in different ways, Replicon doesn't include gross margin as a default field in reports. But, you can create a custom column for this information that would allow gross margin to be calculated automatically for each project, with results displayed in your existing Replicon reports.

Selecting format in custom columns

A large number of operators and functions are available for use in formulas – refer to Using Custom Columns in the Replicon online help for a full list, along with other information on how to create and work with custom columns.


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