How do I assign specific reports to users?

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To change what reports a user can access, you have to modify their assigned report permissions. There are three ways to do this:

  1. Option 1: Edit reports enabled in a permission profile that the user is currently assigned. Note that any changes you make to a permission profile will apply to all users assigned with that profile.
  2. Option 2: Create a new permission profile with new reports enabled, and assign it to the user. The user will retain access to any reports previously assigned.
  3. Option 3: Un-assign the permission profile that includes permissions you'd like to remove, and then create and assign a new profile that includes permissions you would like to be enabled for the user.

    We recommend basing the new profile on the one you removed (using the Based On field on the Add New Permission page). This will force you to disable all permissions you would like removed one by one, which will help ensure that you don't accidentally remove permissions that you'd like the user to retain.

To add or edit a permission profile:

  • Select Administration from the top menu, and then select Users/Departments > Permissions from the side menu.
  • To create a new permission, select Add. Name the new permission and select the name of the permission you'd like to base the new permission upon. To edit a permission, click the Edit icon beside the name of the permission.
  • Select the Reports tab, and click Expand All.
  • Enable the check box next to the name of each report you'd like the user to have access to. Clear any boxes for reports you want to remove, if applicable.
  • Be sure to enable the Reports > Reporting functions option – if it is not enabled, users won't see any reports regardless of which reports are enabled.
  • Click Save.

To assign or un-assign permission profiles for users:

  • Select Shortcuts > Users from the side menu.
  • Click the icon next to the user's name. Or, Ctrl-click to mass edit multiple users.
  • Under Permissions on the Access tab, enable or disable permission profiles, as desired.
  • Click Save.

For more information on how permissions work, refer to Setting Up Permission Profiles in Web TimeSheet's online help.

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