To prevent delays in the approval process, the system may automatically approve timesheets, time off bookings, or expense sheets. When this occurs, <System> is added in the approval details.

system approved timesheet.png

The system will automatically approve the item if:

  • The user is not assigned an approval path
  • One or more of the approver types listed in the item's approval path is not defined for the employee

For example, a user submits a timesheet that uses a Supervisor –> Project Leader approval path, and one of the projects on the timesheet has not been set up with a project leader. After the supervisor has approved the user's timesheet, Replicon will automatically approve the timesheet and thereby complete the approval process.

  • The approval path or approver type assigned to the user is not defined in the system
  • A user or administrator unsubmits and then resubmits and item without making any changes

This means that, if a timesheet is approved by a first approver and then rejected by a second, and the timesheet's owner modifies only comments and then resubmits, the timesheet will be system approved instead of needing re-approval from the first approver.

  • The approver start date falls after the timesheet was submitted
  • A user's start date falls before their approver's start date

In this situation, the system will approve all items destined for that approver that were submitted prior to their start date.

  • A user is assigned System as their approver


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