When setting up Replicon, you assign users to approve timesheets, expense sheets, and time off bookings. If you don't assign approvers, items will be automatically approved by the system.

There are three main steps to setting up approvals in Replicon:

  1. Define approver types

Approver types specify what individuals or roles can act as approvers. For example, you could create an approver type called Time Off Approver, and designate the user's supervisor or a specific user to act as the approver for that type.

  1. Set up approval paths

Approval paths determine which approver types will approve a user's items, and in what order those approvers will act. For example, you could set up a Supervisor –> Project Manager timesheet approval path. When this approval path is assigned to a user, timesheets will be sent for approval first to the user's supervisor, and then to their project leader(s).

  1. Assign approval paths to users in their user profiles

Users can be assigned a different approval path for each type of item they submit (timesheets, expense sheets, or time off bookings).


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