Why aren’t the user defined fields I created displaying?

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User defined fields are custom fields that can be used to collect information specific to your organization. If you've created user defined fields, but they're not appearing where you expect them to appear:

  • Check that the field is enabled

If a user defined field is disabled, it won't display on any pages – not even on historical timesheets. (Field values are still saved, they just don't display if the field is disabled.)

Here's how you can check whether a field is enabled:

  1. Select Administration from the top menu, and then select System > User Defined Fields from the side menu.
  2. Select the appropriate tab, and then click the icon next to the field in question.
  3. See if the Enabled box is checked.
  • Ensure you have permission to view the field

Each user defined field is linked to a permission. Therefore, it is possible to disallow a user from viewing or editing any particular user defined field. To check if you or another user has permission to view/edit a field, you'll have to look at the assigned permission profiles. The field only has to be enabled in one profile to be accessible to that user.

For information on viewing and editing permission profiles, refer to Setting Up Permission Profiles in the online help.

  • Be sure you're looking on the correct page

For example, people often assume the Project user defined fields will display on each project's main page, but they actually display on the Edit Project pages (accessed by clicking the links under Project Structure on the project's main page) to allow you to enter information in these fields both at the project level and for each task level of the project.

Screenshot of edit product option, User defined field

For information on where each type of user defined field will display, refer to Creating User Defined Fields in Replicon's online help.


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