If you are using the Internet Explorer 8 browser, you may encounter issues when using Replicon due to changes made to the browser since version 7. Possible issues include:

  • You can't log in

  • Timesheets or expense sheets do not generate

  • Buttons don't respond when clicked. Affected buttons may include:

    • Approve or Reject buttons

    • Save, Submit or Re-submit timesheet or expense sheet buttons

    • Punch In and Punch Out buttons

  • Drop-down lists are empty. Affected lists may include:

    • Department drop-downs used to select supervisors, substitute users, and the user's primary department in the user profile, or when using the Search feature

    • The drop-down list on the Move Tasks in <Project Name> page

  • In the user profile, check boxes in the Additional Departments list don't respond when clicked

  • In the user profile, the edit-icon icon is unavailable

  • Report filters are grayed out

  • Font size reduces to 8 or 6 points when printing reports

  • Errors occur when you attempt to save timesheet comments

  • Performance issues occur in reports


Our Development team is working on addressing these issues. In the meantime, you can:

  • Use a different browser, such as Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox, or

  • Enable the Compatibility View feature in Internet Explorer 8.


To enable Compatibility View for Replicon:

  1. Access your Replicon application.
  2. Click Tools > Compatibility View or click the compatibility view icon button in your browser's toolbar.

Your Replicon site will be added to the Compatibility View list saved in your browser. It will remain on that list until you remove it; you should not have to enable this feature for this site again.


Enabling Compatibility View for multiple sites

You can enable Compatibility View for all sites that you access by selecting Tools > Compatibility View Settings, then checking the Display all websites in Compatibility View option, and then clicking Close. If Compatibility View Settings is not available, your network administrator may have configured your settings using a Group Policy. Contact them for more information.  
Enabling Compatibility View for multiple machines

If you are a network administrator, you can configure compatibility settings for multiple machines using Windows' Group Policy settings. For more information, refer to Microsoft's documentation.


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