Featured Product Update: Local Time Zone Support is Here!

You can now choose which time zone is used to display time in Replicon timesheet. Or, if your organization spans multiple time zones, you can now choose to assign user-specific time zones that apply to most displayed times.You can enable these new time zone options in Replicon timesheet on the System Preferences page.

For more information on enabling a local company time zone or user-specific time zones, and for information on which features time zones apply to, refer to Setting Time Zone Options in Replicon timesheet’s online help.


Product Update – June 05, 2014

New Feature

GENTWO-66 OAuth Authentication for QB Online integration


When you (administrator) launch the Web Timesheet Integration Manager you will now be directed to the following page, for authentication.


Click Authorize to view the authentication tokens (Oauth Verifier, RealmId, Data Source) generated. You can then paste the OAuth tokens in the Web Timesheet QuickBook OAuth Validator pop-up.


Replicon Mobile Update – June 16, 2014

Replicon Mobile iOS

The existing iOS app has been replaced with a single app that works for all our customers, regardless of which product they are using. This change allows us to focus our efforts on one app and deliver improvements even faster. You can continue to use the app you already have installed, but there will be no updates available going forward. To benefit from future updates, please install the new app via the App Store.