Labor Cost Capitalization Challenges Solved

Account for all your labor costs and manage capital expenditures with ease

Escalating Savings

Saving even $1 per hour on employee wages can translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings each year.

Businesses find capital project cost tracking difficult due to:
Issues around accounting for employees’ time spent on capital projects
Inability to accurately identify costs that can be capitalized
Inadequate approval workflows around capital projects and resources
Challenges around compiling data for compliance audits
Insufficient information to plan for future resource requirements

For accurate labor cost tracking and CapEx management, you need:
  • Quick assignment of project resources to authorized capital projects and tasks
  • Ability to track your resources’ updates on work and identify capital costs in real-time
  • Simple means to compile all project, task, cost and resource information with details for audits
Capex Management Software

Replicon’s enterprise time management platform enablesyou to manage labor cost capitalization with:

Instant capture and tagging of all time spent towards projects and tasks that can be capitalized using Replicon TimeCost

Complete visibility and control over employee allocation to projects and work

Data normalization and detailed reports for handling information needed for audits

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