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Did You Know Your Team Productivity Can be Enhanced with the Right Time Tracking Software? Here’s How.

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Productivity is a constant focus for any business. Productivity can mean a higher output, more money coming in, and efficient processes that help you get more stuff done. Your team’s productivity can be improved by using the right time tracking software. What has often been a task that requires constant updates and focus, can now be a seamless and quick task with a top-tier tool. When you’re evaluating different time tracking software products and employee time tracking apps, there are a number of key features you should look out for.

You want a product that will include features such as global accessibility, an easy-to-use interface, customizability, and automatic time tracking. With the right time tracking software, you have better, error-free data that’s accessible from anywhere and can help you make even better decisions.

Here’s how using the right time tracking software can enhance your team’s productivity.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

If you’re looking for a time tracking software solution, the number one make-or-break feature it needs to have is global access. If you can’t access your time tracking software from whichever device you happen to be using and wherever you are, it’s not going to work for you.

Explore Digitalization for Modern Time Tracking

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Global access increases your productivity by making tools accessible whenever and wherever you need them. Waiting until you get to the office to update your tasks can drastically reduce your ability to work quickly and efficiently.

The time tracking software you choose should be accessible by phone, tablet, or computer, mobile-optimized, and available for both iOS and Android. This accessibility is key to being able to easily use the software and to track employee time from anywhere to increase your productivity.

In addition to global accessibility, you want to look for time tracking software that:

  • Has mobile project timesheets
  • Can add attachments and comments to timesheet entries, which allows for detailed tracking
  • Syncs seamlessly so you get updates immediately, even when submitted via the mobile app
  • Can be secured with TouchID or FaceID to ensure that your data is safe

Customizable, So You Don’t Waste Time

When it comes to time tracking software, one size does not fit all. Even if you find the perfect software for your company, not every feature will benefit your team and increase their productivity.

You can configure timesheets to capture the information that you need to track, so you don’t waste time looking through data you don’t need. To help your employees be more productive and get back to work faster, you can create business rules to pre-populate timesheets to make the submission and tracking easy for your employees.

Timesheet Approval in the Click of a Button

Some of the most costly hours for a company are administrative hours. Admin work is critical to a high-functioning team, but no one enjoys putting in those hours.

When evaluating a time tracking software, you want to make sure it includes features that will help you to save time so you can be more productive. Timesheet approval needs a simplified, intuitive process.

The right time tracking software, like Replicon’s, includes real-time updates, highlights policy violations, and sends push notifications that allow for immediate approval or rejection. When you get a timesheet notification, you can approve or reject with the tap of a button. Time approvals and rejections can also be done through the AI chatbot feature of the mobile app.

These features allow you to approve hours and timesheets on-the-go and get back to the work that really matters.

Error-Free to Save You Time

Timesheet data is used to help you bid on future projects. If your data is inaccurate, your costs, billing, and bids are also inaccurate. If employees forget to log hours here and there, you won’t know if your data is wrong or right.

Accuracy is key. When you know your data is accurate, you don’t have to spend time checking your data and troubleshooting errors.

When choosing a time tracking software to improve your team’s productivity, look for software with built-in validation and compliance tools.

Helps You Make Efficient, Data-Based Decisions

When making decisions based on time-tracking data, your decisions are only as good as your data. When you know your data is error-free, you can make efficient decisions that you don’t have to spend time second-guessing.

Replicon’s data-driven analytics helps you to improve your timesheets and make better decisions based on accurate data. Better, data-based decisions mean you can increase revenue and limit wasted time. You can also transform your time data into costs, utilization, billing, pay, and other key metrics.

Connect Tools for a Single Source of Truth

There’s nothing worse than digging through multiple tools and spreadsheets for an hour to find that one piece of data you need to make a decision and send off an email that should’ve taken five minutes.

You need your time data all in one place so you have a single source of truth. When your data is all in one place, you can find the information you need at the touch of a button. Time tracking software where you can access the data you need from anywhere and share it with other business systems so you can get more done each day will help you be more productive.

Easy UX, Minimal Team Training Needed

One of the many difficulties managers face with implementing a new tool is training other employees on how to use it. Long training sessions can be a drain and take away time your workers need to spend on other tasks.

Your team’s productivity can be enhanced by avoiding long training sessions with an easy-to-use software interface. A time tracking software that is intuitive will make it easier for employees to quickly learn and implement into their daily work. A top-notch tool will offer things like push notifications and automatic reminders to allow your team to focus on getting the job done without having to remember to track their time. Simply respond to the notification and get back to work.

AI Chatbot for Smart Time Tracking

A seamless user experience is just the first step in making a product easy to use. You then want features that will allow employees to use your software without even thinking about it.

Automatic time tracking reminders and the AI chatbot make time tracking unobtrusive and easy for employees. To enter their time, employees simply respond to the chatbot message with the number of hours they’ve worked. Those hours are then automatically recorded. Nothing else is needed from the employee. Smart time tracking makes employee adoption seamless. Strong employee adoption saves you time and energy when it comes to administrative costs.

The right time tracking software and employee time tracking app can increase your team’s productivity. Global accessibility, an easy-to-use interface, and AI chatbot make it easy to use so your team is more likely to accurately track their time. They will spend less time tracking their hours and you can save time approving their hours, so everyone can focus on work.

Replicon’s time tracking software can help your team improve productivity and includes all of the features and customizability that you need. Watch this webinar to learn how our platform can help your organization with project planning and costing, enhanced resourcing, project billing and invoicing, and so much more.

Explore Digitalization for Modern Time Tracking

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