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Saying Goodbye to Siloed Data With Replicon Knowledge Workforce Management Solution at TSIA World: ENVISION 2022

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At TSIA World: ENVISION 2022, held from October 17 to October 19, 2022 in Las Vegas, business leaders and experts from across the globe convened to explore how technology is shaping the business landscape of tomorrow. 

Exploring the Cutting Edge of Technology Leadership

With over 100+ sessions hosted by experts and leaders, TSIA World: ENVISION provided the ideal platform to discuss and explore the future of technology. Industry leaders, experts, professionals, technology vendors and more gathered to showcase and learn more about topical challenges shaping modern organizations. Visitors were also able to explore transformative technologies from various global companies, including Replicon!

Examining the Challenge of Data Silos at Replicon’s Exclusive Technology Solution Session

Replicon, as the Platinum sponsor of the event, hosted an exclusive technology solution session, “Are Siloed Systems Your Worst Nightmare? Say Goodbye to Data Silos with a Self-driving PSA.” This session focused on the growing problem of data silos that is plaguing modern organizations. 

Most global organizations have their data on time, projects, and resources spread across siloed systems. This leads to operational inefficiencies since they are unable to find the right data at the right time. Moreover, different functions in an organization, such as project delivery, finance and HR, generally have their own purpose-built solutions for their specific challenges and processes. 

As a result of these silos, different teams and leaders in an organization find it challenging to agree on a single source of truth for data. This hampers their ability to make meaningful decisions to improve organizational performance and profitability. 

Now, with the rise of hybrid workforces and digital apps, siloed systems are growing into a bigger threat. Leaders and managers are finding it increasingly difficult to identify the tasks that people in their teams are working on, accurately measure the time that they are spending on completing those tasks, and understand what additional  tasks that they can do. 

Readiness IT at Replicon session on Eliminating Data Silos

To explore how to overcome these challenges, Replicon invited two esteemed customers, Zaloni Inc. and Readiness IT, S.A., to showcase their transformational journeys at TSIA World: ENVISION 2022. During the session, speakers from these companies discussed how data silos were affecting their respective business operations, and how they managed to leverage Replicon’s products to cut across the siloed systems and gain a single source of truth. 

Before they started their transformation journey, Zaloni leveraged a disjointed ecosystem of tools and applications for time tracking, employee data, project management, invoicing, etc. While each system performed well, they did so in isolation, which forced managers to spend significant time and effort into synchronizing the data between the systems. 

Similarly, Readiness IT was experiencing a lack of visibility that prevented them from accessing the right data at the right time. They ended up spending considerable time on processing spreadsheets manually to generate the desired reports. As was to be expected, the reports lacked real-time data and even suffered from inaccuracies that affected their decision-making process. 

To solve these challenges around data silos, both Zaloni and Readiness IT needed a new approach to achieve the correct balance among people, processes and tools. They found their answer in Polaris PSA, which is a part of the Replicon Knowledge Workforce Management Solution. 

Eliminating Data Silos With the World’s First Knowledge Workforce Management Solution

At the Replicon booth, visitors were introduced to the world’s first Knowledge Workforce Management Solution by Replicon. They were able to learn more about how it could help modern organizations overcome several critical challenges, including data silos. 

In the global digital era, staying ahead of the competition requires organizations to maximize returns on their most crucial investment – their people! Maximizing people’s productivity requires real-time visibility into their work hours, as it enables organizations to determine how well their time is being utilized. This clarity into work hours becomes even more important as organizations grow for improving profitability. 

However, as stated above, most organizations today have a siloed ecosystem with multiple systems that are inefficient and badly integrated. These systems have typically been in place for years but they no longer fulfill the current benchmarks needed to support an organization in the long run. At the same time, these obsolete systems of yesterday cannot address the demands and challenges of tomorrow as they are difficult to upgrade or update.

In addition to data silos, these legacy and disparate systems give rise to several business challenges, such as:

  • Increasing maintenance, runtime, and employee costs
  • Regulatory and compliance challenges
  • Poor employee experience and competitive edge
  • Absence of decision-making analytics

Organizations need new approaches and solutions to address these additional challenges. Leaders must go beyond legacy ecosystem models and reconsider how modern technologies can improve productivity and profitability while driving a better overall experience. 

Most leaders end up making decisions based on their gut feeling and emotion despite having an abundance of data. There are two reasons why: 

  1. The first reason is the lack of powerful analytics. Thanks to siloed data from a fragmented ecosystem, which is difficult to utilize for generating valuable insights. 
  2. The second reason is the difficulty in uncovering deep-rooted inefficiencies. Leaders lack access to actionable data that is real-time and accurate for improving revenue, utilization, and profitability. 

Moreover, leaders are forced to manually access their various systems and collect the data necessary for making decisions, and that can take days or even months to compile. Without accurate data, even the most powerful analytics tools could prove to be futile. Data quality is the link between the completeness and the consistency of data. If the authenticity of data is questionable, then indecisiveness is sure to follow, affecting all functions including project delivery, bidding, utilization, billing, and expenses.

To solve the challenges posed by data silos, Replicon has introduced the world’s first Knowledge Workforce Management Solution.

Replicon Knowledge Workforce Management Solution powered by ZeroTime

Introducing the Knowledge Workforce Management Solution Powered by ZeroTime™

Organizations are heading towards a future where artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are fully ingrained into processes and functions. To achieve this future, organizations must replace their current disparate legacy systems with fully-digitized ecosystems.

To support this evolution, Replicon has developed ZeroTime™, a revolutionary innovation in automated time tracking. It leverages AI and ML capabilities to enable easy capture of all work data accurately so that your employees don’t need to enter data manually. 

ZeroTime offers pre-built integrations with over 100 productivity and collaboration tools including Microsoft, Zoom, Asana, and Jira. It accurately records and assembles time data for employees, allowing leaders to gain real-time visibility into the time spent across all project tasks. Users remain in control of their data by reviewing the automatically generated timesheets before submitting. They are free to add, modify or delete their time entries as needed, effortlessly.

With ZeroTime technology, Replicon Knowledge Workforce Management Solution easily automates data capture for people, projects, skills, and time. Its 100% plug and play architecture allows it to connect with hundreds of frontend tools and backend applications including ERPs, CRMs, HCMs, payroll systems, and more. With AI/ML technologies, the solution cleanses, enriches, and harmonizes data, which is then transformed into a single source of truth. This data can be made accessible to other back office applications in the ecosystem as necessary to prevent data silos.

As a result, Replicon Knowledge Workforce Management Solution enables organizations to:

  • Make the most of their people
  • Bring all their project data together
  • Bridge the demand-skills gap
  • Drive higher employee productivity

With the rich insights and data provided at the keynote and technology solution sessions, TSIA World: ENVISION 2022 proved to be a truly informative platform for business leaders and experts alike. It gave a glimpse into the future of technology and how the right technologies can help organizations grow their businesses and improve profitability. 


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Arpan Patra


Arpan Patra

Arpan Patra has been writing about technology for over a decade. Now, as an assistant content marketing manager at Replicon, he focuses on how technologies like AI/ML-powered professional services automation solutions can empower organizations to optimize and grow their business. When he’s not busy typing noisily, he enjoys sitting down with a book and a warm cup of coffee.


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