Replicon Announces Polaris PSA 2022 Spring Release: Reinvigorating The World’s First Self-driving PSA, Ushering in The Third Wave of Resource Management

AI and ML-powered Resource Management Enables Intelligent Forecasting And Allocation

Redwood City, Calif. – March 22, 2022/PRNewswire/ – Replicon announces the 2022 Spring Release of Polaris, the world’s first self-driving PSA, which offers AI/ML-enabled intelligent resource management, intuitive dashboards, and advanced project management capabilities. In 2020, Polaris PSA created a new category of Self-driving PSA. This provided professional services leaders with a solution that can do the heavy lifting, analyze real-time data, and deliver live recommendations on the best possible choices to decide from.

Polaris PSA enables intelligent resource management with AI/ML capabilities

The 2022 Spring release introduces a number of innovative approaches to empower global professional services organizations with powerful resource, project, and financial management:

  • Intelligent Resource Management: Leverage AI/ML-based advanced technologies to manage resources in an autopilot mode, and optimize business growth.
  • Cost Optimized Resource Allocation: Account for user schedules, time off, and other details when distributing allocated hours to days for more optimized resource allocation.
  • Complex & Customized Selection Criteria: Set the importance of specific skill sets when requesting resources in order to get the best resource for every project.
  • Powerful Dashboarding: Bring scope and margin to the forefront of your project with the first PSA tool to focus on the scope of work, and get detailed insights into project budget and scope variances.
  • Smart Task Management: Experience greater clarity and ease-of-use while managing project tasks by leveraging an industry-leading, intuitive project interface.
  • Powerful Financial Management: Eliminate revenue leakage and increase profitability with real-time visibility into project budget.
  • Effortless Time Capture with SmartBeats or Timesheets: Lead with the combined power of Polaris PSA and the muscle of Replicon’s timesheet engine.

Readiness IT, a global digital transformation accelerator, has been leveraging Polaris PSA to simplify resource planning and improve staffing across the business. Carlos Paiva, Portfolio Manager of Readiness IT, said, “Polaris PSA gives us real-time visibility into our business with a single source of truth for all projects, resources, and billing information. Now, our resource managers and project managers don’t have to log into any other tool for planning. Powerful reporting capabilities give our project managers the insights they need to control the progress and execution of projects”

“Professional services organizations need a self-driving resource management solution to manage their global resources as their most important asset,” said Raj Narayanaswamy, co-CEO of Replicon Inc., the company that powers Polaris. “With the 2022 Spring release of Polaris PSA, we aim to empower organizations to optimize resource utilization, better manage project scope and margins, and make better decisions based on a real-time and accurate view of their entire business.”

For a live demo of Polaris PSA and pricing information, please contact Polaris sales at (877) 762-2519 or write to

Original Source: PR Newswire

About Polaris

Polaris has created a new category of self-driving solutions for Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM). For the first time, business leaders get intelligent help with decision-making as Polaris leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to do the heavy lifting, analyze real-time data, and deliver live recommendations on the best possible choices. Polaris is created by the team at Replicon, the Time Intelligence® company, with over 25 years of industry leadership in enterprise time tracking. Replicon supports thousands of customers across 70 countries, including SAS, NTT, NSC Global, Omnicom, and Aon. To learn more, please visit Polaris PSA.

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