5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating and Purchasing New Time Tracking Software for Your Enterprise

Time. Regardless of how well your organization performs year over year, time is one thing that you can’t order more of. There are no do-overs, no second chances, and no excuses. When you spend valuable hours completing repetitive tasks surrounding time and attendance within your organization’s financials, it’s time that you simply can’t get back. So, as the responsible decision-maker that you are, you search for time and attendance software that can support your organization’s goals and streamline the bulk of your financial processes.

Determining which platform can integrate best with your existing payroll, HR, and ERP software and provide customized solutions that meet the needs of your organization’s time and attendance requirements can be a daunting process, but asking the right questions during your evaluation stage can offer your business better efficiency and stability in the long run. With a robust time and attendance solution, you create the ability to streamline your organization’s processes and achieve complete control over labor costs and compliance.

At Replicon, we believe that there are five important questions you should be asking before taking the leap on a new time and attendance solution for your enterprise…though, it’s hardly a leap when you find an all-inclusive system that molds to your business, creates streamlined workflows and processes, and enables you to save and better utilize your business’s most valuable asset…


1. Does It Offer the Flexibility to Suit the Specific Needs of My Organization?

A lot of businesses may look similar from the outside, but there can be a lot of variations in core processes. Workflows could vary based on locations, employee types, and your business rules. Choosing a time and attendance solution that can accommodate customization and flexibility is essential to ensuring that your business processes can run as smoothly as possible. A lot has changed in the past year, and new problems have arisen that can be especially challenging for businesses that aren’t equipped with true cloud-based time and attendance systems designed to accommodate these global changes.

For you, this could mean ensuring that you are capturing all of the details around the time your business needs to collect activities, job codes, and pay rates, or enabling remote workforce management with mobile timesheets, GPS time tracking from numerous supported devices, and the ability to easily assign permissions based on specific roles within your corporation. You’ll want the flexibility to intuitively capture time clocked by employees with paid holidays added automatically into their timesheets, as well as support for different employee types such as subcontractors or exempt workers. An attendance management system that can take on the new challenges of the modern workplace has become paramount for many types of organizations and can make a big difference to your bottom line.

2. Can I Approve Time and Attendance Entries Quickly?

Naturally, there’s a better method for timesheet approvals than sifting manually through mounds of paperwork. Time and attendance tracking should be simple, mobile-friendly, and enable you to create approval workflows that meet your organization’s needs with dynamic routing for timesheets that require specific validation. Setting configurable rules to automate timesheet validation eliminates the need for manual review and can help your team process timesheets faster and with better accuracy.

3. Will It Automate Labor Compliance and Streamline Time Off Requests?

Ensuring labor law compliance is essential regardless of the size of your organization, but it shouldn’t be a difficult or time-intensive task. With a pre-configured library of rules that pertain to overtime pay and entitled breaks, as well as an indication of different compliance requirements for various geographical locations, you can effectively manage your time and attendance data, bypass misconceptions surrounding holidays, and calculate gross pay easily without error. This may be even more beneficial for larger corporations where enterprise-specific labor regulations are concerned.

You’ll also want to consider how your enterprise manages time-off requests. Relaying this information manually involves a third step that your organization doesn’t need. Emails get lost, human error prevails, and inevitable scheduling conflicts cause tension for both you and your employees. Your new attendance management solution should enable your employees to request their vacations, sick days, and more through an integrated platform where you can create custom policies surrounding effective dates, carryover days, and employee-specific allowances. Furthermore, you should be able to view all of this within an intuitive calendar that displays the data in real-time.

4. Will Time and Attendance Software Enhance Custom Reporting and Analytics Abilities?

Time and attendance data feeds into a lot of metrics such as labor costs, productivity, over-time trends, time-off liabilities, and more. This means obtaining a view of your organization’s time attendance system and producing reports and charts that reflect your operational trends. With real-time data, you can drill down to view specific information such as time and attendance records, gross pay, sick time, overtime, and more, as well as make better-informed decisions. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll be able to provide informative reports to key members and stakeholders.

5. Can I Integrate Time and Attendance Data with Other Software?

Turnkey integration with software such as payroll, HR, and ERP systems can help your enterprise streamline processes around costing, billing, payroll, and more. The time and attendance software you choose must ultimately work itself into your operation and not create tasks that require the spending of additional resources. Implementing an intelligent and intuitive time and attendance solution that plays well with others will save you countless headaches and help to streamline daily business processes throughout your organization.

Choose a Time and Attendance Solution That Supports Your Organization’s Plans for Future Growth

Business is changing, and those who optimize their processes to support, streamline, and adapt to growth will be the ones who succeed. Replicon’s time and attendance solution focuses on combining the most efficient elements into one easily navigable, cloud-based platform to give you an all-inclusive experience. Capable and configurable, you’ll have the ability to track the time and attendance of employees, gain full visibility into how resources are being allocated, and review costs associated with time spent. Reporting, approvals, global labor law compliance — everything your business needs to track can be tracked with Replicon.

Ready to see how Replicon’s enterprise-ready time and attendance solution can help your business change the way it accounts for time.

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Chad Ruppert
Chad Ruppert
Chad is a freelance writer and former project manager focused on presenting information on SaaS, technology, and business formation.
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