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AI-powered Scheduling And Automated Labor Compliance With Replicon Workforce Management Solution

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Enforce schedule adherence, labor compliance, working time directives, time off, and pay regulations for a global diverse workforce

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., March 9, 2023: Replicon today launched an AI-powered Workforce Management solution that helps organizations achieve 100% labor and wage compliance.

As organizations become more global and diverse, managing their workforce is fraught with challenges. Paying employees accurately and on time is a challenge. It’s difficult to continuously monitor the various global and labor laws that organizations are required to comply with.

With Replicon, organizations can support multiple use cases and harness employee time data for billing, payroll, and finance. Our unified workforce management solution has the ability to manage time and attendance, complex schedules, time off, gross pay, and labor compliance with a single solution. Replicon has designed these capabilities especially for organizations undergoing digital transformation to unify their time tracking, get real-time visibility into their time data, and gain a competitive advantage.

“Replicon invested big to develop the industry’s only workforce management solution with an evolving built-in labor compliance for 147+ jurisdictions in more than 85 countries. Our in-house legal team continuously monitors global regulations around working time directives, schedules, time off and pay. Organizations can leverage the solution to stay ahead of the global labor and wage compliance risks while they run their global business,” said Lakshmi Raj, Co-CEO at Replicon.

Replicon’s Workforce Management solution offers advanced job scheduling to identify the right employee, for the right shift, at the right time. SmartSchedule, an AI-powered employee recommendation engine, automatically identifies the best resource for every job to manage complex job requirements across roles, skills, and shifts. The unified solution brings harmony across teams with conflict-free schedules for jobs and demands, while enabling managers to view and modify schedules in real time to fill gaps dynamically.

The solution replaces the traditional time tracking approaches with AI-powered timesheets that automates employee time capture in a compliant way for payroll purposes. It helps organizations pay their employees and bill their clients both accurately and on time and prevent any time or wage theft.

A Compliance-first Workforce Management for Time & Attendance, Time off, Schedule, Labor Compliance and Gross Pay

Key highlights of the powerful Workforce Management solution:

Replicon workforce management solution
Replicon workforce management
  • Automates time capture and pre-populates employee timesheets by leveraging ZeroTime™, a revolutionary AI/ML technology.
  • Enables automatic collection of accurate time and work data from more than 100 digital work apps.
  • Collects error-free, compliant data at the time entry level.
  • Enforces schedule adherence that complies with global and local time off policies and working time directives.
  • Identifies the best resource for every job with SmartSchedule, helping organizations easily manage complex job requirements across roles, skills, and shifts.
  • Enables managers and employees to manage their or their teams’ time off status in real time.
  • Helps comply with working time directives, schedules, time off, and 375 labor rules across 147+ jurisdictions in 85+ countries.
  • Enables crew workers to turn any device into a cloud-connected kiosk for accurate time capture with the help of CloudClock.
  • Provides real-time updates on deployed and upcoming compliance rule changes through a comprehensive compliance dashboard.
  • Integrates easily with multiple payroll vendors like ADP, Ceridian, Paycer, SAP, and paylocity.

Raj Narayanswamy, Co-CEO at Replicon, said, “Our solution helps the professional services industry unlock ground-breaking efficiencies in managing a global workforce while being fully labor and wage compliant. Before switching to Replicon, we often heard our customers talk about the challenges faced in handling multiple time tracking and payroll systems that could expose them to compliance risks. Leveraging the Replicon Workforce Management solution can free up organizations’ time and facilitate focus on more strategic activities with their customers — a win-win for all.”

About Replicon

Replicon provides a comprehensive solution for managing the complex demands of project-based businesses by bringing together Project Delivery, Finance, and HR on a single platform. With over 27 years of experience in the industry, Replicon’s market-leading Workforce Management Solutions provide a single source of truth for Time, Expense, Projects, Resources, Skills, Billing, Costing, Pay, Revenue Recognition, and Compliance. These solutions have achieved 100% user adoption, ensuring businesses have real-time access to accurate data for informed decision-making.

Powered by AI, Replicon’s platform is designed for global scalability and configurability, enabling businesses to empower teams for both global governance and local administration, resulting in increased productivity and streamlined business operations. Replicon has established a strong global presence, serving businesses across 85 countries and 25 industries, including Fortune 100 companies.

With its innovative, user-friendly platform and partnerships with leading organizations like SAP, Microsoft, Sage Intact, Salesforce, Google, and ServiceMax, Replicon provides an end-to-end solution for businesses seeking to maximize their success.

Replicon has been recognized by multiple industry groups as a best-in-class solution, making it a valuable resource for businesses looking to enhance their operations and achieve their full potential. For more information, please visit

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Automate your Scheduling with Replicon's AI-Powered Workforce Management Platform

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