Automated Absence and Vacation Management

An invaluable part of any employee’s work life is scheduling vacation days, absences and using sick days when needed. Lack of clarity around available hours and accruals can cause frustration, especially for employees who try to plan their time off appropriately. For managers, handling time off requests can become a nuisance, especially without a clear view of their team’s schedule. And from an HR perspective, the oversight of internal and labor law policies can be a huge headache. If reading about these challenges is inspiring the need for a sick day, then it’s advisable to take TimeOff (pun intended) from the hassle. Add transparency to your process today.

Benefits of simplified time off management

Empower Employees
Delegate time-off management to your employees. With a full view of their own accrual and balances, you empower them to manage their time off with precision. Managers are no longer inundated with requests in a variety of forms and are involved only when approval is necessary.
Calendar Clarity
Liberate managers from the task of consolidating time-off requests and keeping track of multiple employees’ schedules. With a single calendar view, scheduling is optimized, conflicts are avoided, and staffing becomes a trivial task.
Manage Compliance
Observe internal policies and labor law mandates by setting up your rules and formulas. Adherence to the time-off policies is no longer up for debate as the solution manages compliance on your behalf.
TimeOff Features


Allow employees to manage their absences by providing tools for self-service requests, accompanied by full knowledge of their time-off balances. Employees can take control of their own schedule and manage their time… pending approval, of course.

  • Time off requests
  • View of past and future time-off bookings, as well as balances
  • No training required

Visual Calendar

Hear the excitement when you supply managers with workforce calendars that integrate with time-off requests. With a unified view, managers can approve time-off requests with full knowledge about the overall team schedule. No more tracking disparate requests and guessing at their impact. That’s reason for celebration.

  • Graphical view of employee time-off
  • Unified team calendar
  • No more scheduling snafus

Simplified Compliance

Apply time-off policies consistently across your organization. With the ability to choose which time-off types apply to each employee-type, errors are avoided. You can set up accruals on a weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis and automatically reset time balances with ease.

  • Consistent time-off policies
  • Accrual set-up on appropriate schedule
  • Automatic time-off resets, either to a specific value or carry-over limit

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“We saw close to 100% adoption of Replicon within the first few weeks by all users of the system. Tracking balances and accruals used to be difficult. Now it’s a breeze. We estimate that the solution cut administrative overheads and reduced the time and effort needed by 75-90%.”
Jo-Anne Morefield
Director of HR
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  • Self-service time off requests
  • Configurable time off types
  • Configurable approval workflows
  • Configurable notifications
  • Balance and accrual calculations
  • Calendar view
  • Configureable reporting with ability to share and schedule
  • Integration with payroll and core HR systems

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  • Customizable time off types and accrual rates
  • Customizable notifications
  • Custom approvals
  • Customizable reporting
  • Global grouping for access control
  • Multilingual support
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