Centralized Tracking and Billing

Working with clients requires multiple levels of project tracking to ensure accuracy, accountability, and a mutually beneficial relationship. You rely on your consultants to capture their project time accurately so that you can account for each hour they bill. The challenge comes when you lack real-time access to those expenses and can’t track the costs of projects while they’re in progress. The outcome is often a billing process fraught with challenges. With TimeBill, we make client billing feel easy so you look flawless.

Benefits of centralized project tracking and billing

Project time
Track each consultant’s time and tasks in real-time. Clients deserve to know how their money is being spent. Now you can provide visibility into the work and put their minds at ease.
Cost control
Gain insights into the internal costs and billable rates for every project and its associated consultants by setting up billing rates by role and by client. You can provide better estimates and make adjustments as needed when all of your project data is located in one place.
Client billing
Eliminate the need to hunt down consultants for their timesheets or to consolidate multiple spreadsheets. When it comes time to send a client bill, the process of gathering the billable hours and invoicing is a click away.
TimeBill features

Configurable time tracking

Capture billable hours for specific projects, clients and tasks. With automatic validation of time entries using predefined rules, tracking project time and costs is easy. As an added bonus, comments can be added to individual tasks for granular information. Notifications ensure that actions are taken in a timely fashion so your billing is never delayed.

  • Custom timesheets
  • Predefined rules for time entry validation
  • Activity time tracking
  • Email reminders and alerts for submissions and approvals
  • Mobile access anytime, anywhere

Quick approvals

Make your approvals process match your business rules. Our configurable multi-level approval paths allows for quick review and approval by project managers, supervisors and clients, even while on-the-go. To ensure that approvals match goals, ready-made reports and single-screen views allow for informed decision-making.

  • In-context summaries on every screen
  • Real-time access to projects, hours, and costs
  • Overview of items awaiting approval and associated approvers
  • Summary charts and dashboards for oversight
  • Budgets for cost and hours tracked against actual performance

Client and project oversight

Define every aspect of a client’s project in a matter of minutes—from project managers to start and end dates, tasks, resources, and budget. With complete control, task hierarchies and custom fields can be created to match the requirements of the project. Status and budget tracking are shown on every screen, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget.

  • Multi-level project and task hierarchies
  • Custom fields for projects and tasks
  • Project manager designation by project
  • Resources assigned individually or by department
  • Status and budget tracking

Invoice management

Set up your client invoices for precision in billing. By selecting rates for each role working on a client’s project, you make it easy to track billable hours and generate accurate invoices. At any time, you can see billable amounts, discounts and profitability by client and by project.

  • Flexible client creation and management
  • Rates by client and by role within projects
  • Options for fixed bid or time and materials billing
  • Invoice generation engine to match complex billing requirements
  • Proactive follow-up for invoices sent
  • Centralized view of billable amounts, discounts, and profitability

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“With Replicon, we're clearly making better decisions in terms of allocating resources, job costing and setting job pricing as we take on new projects.”
Jeff Ewald
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Centralized project tracking and client billing

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  • Capture time by projects and clients
  • Simple approvals and notifications
  • Daily, hourly, monthly billing rates
  • Pre-defined invoicing template
  • Client management
  • Multi-currency support
  • Canned reports

includes all features in Quickstart +

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  • Timesheet pre-population
  • Task and activity-level time tracking
  • Tracking Cap Ex and Op Ex, cost normalization
  • Configurable validations and notifications
  • Configurable approval workflows
  • Resource assignment to projects
  • Estimated vs actuals tracking
  • Monthly, custom rates and fixed bid projects
  • Multiple invoicing templates
  • Configurable reports with ability to share and schedule

Enjoy a fully customizable product with Professional Services Automation- includes all features in Plus +

Professional Services Automation
  • Customizable timesheet formats, validations and notifications
  • Practice management
  • Resource management
  • Skills and placeholders
  • Time off bookings
  • Customizable reporting
  • Global grouping for access control
  • Multilingual support
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