Automated Time Tracking

Are you confident that you run an error-free payroll and that overtime and absences are handled appropriately? Are you complying with all labor laws? What about your workforce’s productivity—do you know where there’s room for improvement? If you’re using TimeAttend, each answer is an enthusiastic “Yes!”

Benefits of automated time and attendance

Accurate payroll
Use intuitive and configurable timesheets to track employee time, including activity details. Our automated system ensures that everyone receives the right payment while minimizing administrative overhead. You can even set up reminder alerts for managers and employees to guarantee on-time submissions and approvals.
Labor law compliance
Keep up with labor laws and regulation changes. We provide you with the most up-to-date information to guarantee that your workforce is compliant. Overtime costs are kept in check by utilizing configurable calculation rules, and self-service time-off requests for complete visibility into availability and hours.
Productivity insights
View employee details or workforce overviews to see what’s working well and how you can improve productivity. With a single source of information and a complete data set, our reporting capabilities make it easy to see the complete picture.
TimeAttend features

Flexible time tracking

Capture employee time with configurable timesheets. You pick the format that works for your specific business needs and the rules for approval, and the solution does the rest. Configurable notifications are sent out when action is required to keep everyone on track.

  • Configurable timesheets
  • Email reminders and alerts for submissions and approvals
  • Activity time tracking
  • Mobile access anytime, anywhere

Informed approvals

Make your approvals process match your business rules. Our configurable multi-level workflows allows for quick review and approval, even on-the-go. To ensure that approvals match goals, ready-made reports and single-screen views into team productivity allow for informed decision-making.

  • In-context summaries on every screen
  • Real-time access to regular hours, overtime hours and time off
  • Overview of items awaiting approval and associated approvers
  • Summary charts and dashboards for oversight

Compliance made easy

Obey labor laws and business policies with ease. Our turnkey library of preconfigured rules gets you started on the right path.

  • Global pay rule library with turn-key library of preconfigured rules
  • Geographic variations and complexity handled
  • Fast set-up with validation provided by our compliance experts


Give payroll managers a single screen for performing all time and attendance tasks. With role-based access, payroll managers have visibility into the groups they are responsible for and can view relevant pay details by employee or group. Automatic notifications are in place to alert payroll managers when rule calculations fail.

  • Single screen view of entire pay period
  • Overview of all timesheets
  • Insights into items awaiting approval
  • Notifications and alerts for quick error handling

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Pricing that suits you

Easy out-of-the-box time capture

$4 per user
per month

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  • Time off bookings
  • Pre-defined approver
  • Pre-defined pay rules and pay codes
  • Simple schedules
  • Quick payroll export
  • Canned reports
  • Integration with payroll and core HR systems

Includes all features in Quickstart +

$8 per user
per month

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  • Configurable time tracking
  • Activity level time tracking
  • Configurable approval workflows
  • Configurable pay rules and pay codes
  • Compliance pay rule library
  • Configurable reports with ability to share and schedule

Enjoy a fully customizable product with our Workforce management solution- includes all features in Plus +

Workforce Management
  • Customizable timesheet formats
  • Customizable pay rules
  • Global pay rule library
  • Shift scheduling
  • Global grouping for access control
  • Multilingual support
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