Employee Expenses and Reimbursement

Controlling expenditures for both your business and your clients is critical to your bottom line. The best way to keep tabs is to provide a real-time view into those expense items. With an increasing number of workforces going mobile, submitting time and expenses on-the-go allows for accurate accounting. Real-time recording of expenses saves employees time trying to remember the details; it also provides immediate insights into expenses by project and by client to make sure projections match reality.

Benefits of expense management software

Beam it up!
Capture expenses and send in expense reports from anywhere. With on-the-go capabilities, employees are unchained from the office. The ability to create an unlimited number of expense codes means that clients can be billed accurately according to your business rules.
Pay up
Reimburse your employees and expense your clients promptly. The beauty of using an automated system is the oversight and assurance of accurate budgeting. You can feel safe in your projections and catch overspending early… before things go off the rails.
Suit up
Prepare for your fiscal responsibilities by monitoring and controlling business costs. With reporting capabilities, you have access to real-time expenditures and the power to either curtail excessive spending or make the necessary budgetary adjustments.
Expense Features

Easy expenses

Empower employees with an easy-to-use method for capturing expenses. Whether at the office or on a mobile device, individual expenses and expense reports can be submitted without delay. Utilizing mobile cameras, employees can upload photos to submit their receipts. No more “my dog ate my receipt” excuses.

  • Real-time expense capture
  • Receipt capture via mobile camera
  • Easy submittal of expense reports

Unlimited Expense Codes

Categorize expenses for precise billing and reporting purposes. With unlimited expense codes at your command, you can control how you capture expenses and define tax codes and formulas for automatic tax calculations.

  • Unlimited expense codes
  • Automatic tax calculation
  • Billing and reporting precision

Client Allocation and Reporting

Track expenses by project and client for easy reporting and billing. Configurable reports provide visibility into reimbursable and project expenses. You can filter and view data in whatever way makes the most sense to you.

  • Expenses tracked by project and client
  • Billable work tracked for easy invoicing
  • Real-time visibility into reimbursable and project expenses
  • Configurable reports and data filtering

“Tracking external and internal time and expenses online in the cloud is a significant improvement to using Excel spreadsheets.”
Rune Halvorsen
Pricing that suits you

Centralized expense tracking

$3 per user
per month

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  • Standard expense sheets
  • Simplified approvals
  • Predefined notifications
  • Standard reports
  • Expenses tagged to project and client (requires TimeBill)
  • Upload of digital receipts
  • Tax formulas to automate tax calculations

Includes all features in Expense QuickStart +

$5 per user
per month

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  • Configurable expense sheets
  • Configurable notifications
  • Flexible approval workflow
  • Configurable reports with ability to share and schedule
  • Multi-currency support

Includes all features in Expense Plus +

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  • Customizable expense fields
  • Multi-currency support
  • Multilingual support
  • Customizable reporting
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