Employee Time Clock

If your employees physically clock in using a time clock machine, chances are you also have a sign nearby warning that buddy punching is prohibited. That sign is a clear indication that you have a potential time theft problem. If your managers can’t review time punches in an efficient manner, your problem is likely worse than you think. Remove the temptation today. Retire your old time clock machine and invest in CloudClock.

Benefits of employee time clocks

Smile! You’re on camera
Deter buddy punching by taking a quick photo at the clock-in and clock-out moments. By using modern technology—an ordinary tablet and our cloud-based software—you easily upgrade to an accurate and powerful time capture device.
Double duty
CloudClock isn’t just for managers. Provide employees with a consistent method to manage their own schedule. Employees can see their assigned shifts, request time off, and view the status of their requests.
Time audit
Review time punches quickly and easily. The visual check-ins make scanning time sheets easy and ensures that workers aren’t gaming the system. As a bonus, employees also have a view of their own timesheets and work history.
CloudClock features

Modern technology

Utilize up-to-date technology to solve an age-old problem. With a tablet and our cloud-based time clock, you can be up and running in no time. A photo is taken when an employee clocks in, creating a foolproof system to prevent buddy punching. Photo audits can be performed at any time.

  • Simple to setup and maintain
  • Photographic history of employee clock-in and clock-out moments
  • No more “buddy punching”
  • Easy audit capabilities
  • Automatic upgrades and maintenance


Provide your workforce with the ability to request time off and view time-off bookings, both past and future. Employees can take control of their own schedule and manage their time… pending approval, of course.

  • Time off requests
  • View of past and future time-off bookings, as well as balance
  • Robust security
  • No training required

“A major driver for choosing Replicon was that it delivered a cloud-based, easy-to-use system that we foresaw as driving strong efficiency, accuracy and scalability improvements in all of our offices and to all of our employees. ”
Molly Kinnison
HR Generalist
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