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Here’s our growing body of best practices and opinion about topics in the employee time tracking industry.

Achieving Competitive Advantage Through Your Workforce

For businesses to address the various workforce challenges they are facing, and achieve and maintain their competitive advantage, they need to effectively manage their workforce and understand how they are spending their time.  Download PDF

Navigating Labor Compliance Hazards

Reducing Your Regulatory Risk Exposure with Replicon Time and Attendance Management Solutions.  Download PDF

Your Must-Know Guide To Buying A Time Clock

If you’re like most of us, buying a new time clock for your business is not something that you do often. In many cases,the time clock that you buy today will be the one your business uses for five or 10 years or more. But before you write a check or sign a purchase order for the newer version of your same old time clock, ask yourself this: “What do I need to know before buying a employee time clock?”.  Download PDF

Today’s Evolving Workforce: Implications for the C-Suite

Savvy executives must make it a priority to effectively track their dispersed workforce in order to catch up – and keep up – with today’s rapidly changing labor trends.  Download PDF

ROI Considerations of Automated Time and Attendance Tracking

It’s a given that for most businesses, payroll eats up as much as 50 percent of their total budget. The current global economic environment has resulted in cutbacks across every type of industry.  Download PDF

HR and Payroll Professionals Survey Report

In order to understand the concerns organizations have when it comes to their current systems for time tracking, we conducted an in-depth survey. The survey provides a full examination of each issue HR and payroll professionals deal with most and will help you evaluate how your challenges stack up against theirs..

Time Tracking Solutions: Build Or Buy?

Time tracking is a business function that all companies must practice to process their payroll, billing, project management, among other things. Download PDF

Time Off: An Essential Part Of Time And Attendance Management

To most organizations, time off management is an essential part of managing their workforce. Whether scheduled or unscheduled, employee absences have a huge impact on overall productivity, and directly affect the bottom line. Download PDF

Avoid Bundled Time Tracking Solutions from your Payroll Provider

Time tracking is crucial to any organization. Being a front-end system, data from time tracking systems feeds into other important systems — including HR, Payroll, and ERP — that are used to record spending and income. Clearly, the need for a world-class solution to track time cannot be underestimated. Download PDF

Reduce the Risk of Wage and Hour Compliance

Chances are that you struggle with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

8 Best Practices for Making Your Project Costing Easy

Learn what you need to make project costing much faster and more accurate, and your company more profitable.   Download PDF

7 Best Practices for Making Your Client Billing Easy

Discover what to look for in web-based software to simplify time tracking for accurate invoicing.  Download PDF

8 Best Practices to Make Time and Attendance Easy

Read about the 8 key areas to evaluate in software for web-based employee attendance tracking.   Download PDF

Web-based Time and Expense Tracking Software: Buy versus Build

There are two basic automation options: design and build a system in-house, or buy a commercially available application.

Calculating the Return on Investment of Timesheet Applications

Business application software should contribute to an organization's bottom line. The time it takes to return the investment is also critical.

How to Compress Billing Cycles and Reduce Revenue Leakage

Streamline time capture and speed cash flow for increased growth, sales, or outside investment.  Download PDF

Using Timesheets to Boost Utilization and Revenues

Utilization rates provide a barometer of corporate productivity and revenues - the higher the rate the more productive the company.