Replicon's suite of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products are easy-to-use, quick to implement and easy to maintain. All products can be deployed individually or as a seamlessly integrated suite of products.

Track Attendance and Time Off

time tracking software

  • Easy-to-use timesheet for salary and hourly employees
  • Configure time off, overtime policies and business rules
  • Set up multi-level approvals
  • Standard and configurable reports
  • Integrate with leading payroll and HR software

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Punch in Punch out

time tracking software

  • Create employee work schedules
  • Make adjustments on-the-fly
  • Auto fill timesheet with the schedule
  • Compare actual vs. scheduled hours
  • Report on historical schedule adherence
  • Integrate seamlessly with both Web TimeSheet editions

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Streamline time capture and billing

time tracking software

  • Track time by clients, projects
  • Set up multi-level approvals and reminders
  • Manage multiple billing rates
  • Gain visibility with standard and configurable reports
  • Integrate easily with virtually any project management or financial solution

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Track Project Time and Cost

time tracking software

  • Track time against projects, clients or any business entity
  • Track actual vs. estimated hours/cost
  • Set up multi-level approvals and reminders
  • Standard and configurable reports
  • Integrate with leading PM and accounting software

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Track Project Expenses

time tracking software

  • Track expenses in multiple currencies
  • Upload expense receipts
  • Manage expense reimbursements
  • Set up multi-level approvals
  • Get real-time reports on incurred expenses
  • Integrate with Web TimeSheet and leading accounting software

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Support & Professional Services
  • 24 hour Support - Every business has unique requirements. Our Support Team is here to serve you 24/7.
  • Implementation Services - Our team of implementation specialists will ensure that your rollout stays on schedule, on budget and in-line with your business needs.
  • Integration Services - Replicon time tracking software integrates with any 3rd party application, including Project Management, Accounting, Payroll and ERP software.
  • Training - Professionally delivered in-house or tele-training programs are available.
  • Customization - Customize Replicon's time tracking solutions to your specifications with our Professional Services team.

Our time tracking software makes the complete process of creating, editing, updating, approving and assigning a timesheet easier and less time consuming. We’ve helped companies of all sizes with their time tracking needs. These companies rely on our full suite of cloud-based solutions that include products like Time Bill, Time Cost and Time Attend; All fully-accessible in the office or on-the-go.

Replicon offers the leading hassle-free time tracking software solution, which ensures that employee time tracking is easy and less of a burden. One of the main benefits of our time tracking software is our user-friendly and award-winning interface.

Replicon's time tracking software strives to offer you the best hassle-free experience possible. Our goal is to add hours to your day and make your work-life easier through 24x7 support, fast adoptions, pain-free maintenance, and quick implementation that can lead to faster time to value.

The need for efficiency and productivity make it imperative for companies and organizations of all sizes to improve processes and replace old and inefficient ways of operation with newer, better ways. Cloud based time tracking solutions are among the simplest and most effective solutions for a company to adopt when pursuing efficiency gains.

Replicon’s innovative time tracking solutions can dramatically improve your company’s efficiency with minimal investment. Our automated time tracking solutions are used by 1.5 million users in more than 8000 organizations across the globe, backed by award-winning customer support that’s available around the clock, 365 days a year.

With Replicon’s hassle-free time tracking solutions, you won’t have to deal with mountains of paperwork, or have to manually collate and analyze timesheets. Our solutions are totally cloud-based and guaranteed to have over 99.5% uptime, meaning that you have instant online access via browser and our Replicon mobile app whenever and wherever you need it.

Automated time tracking solutions help companies reduce errors and administrative overhead, while streamlining their payroll and enabling real-time visibility into project status. This helps companies better utilize their workforce, cuts down on revenue leakages while billing clients or managing internal costing, and promotes compliance.

Cloud-based delivery of workforce solutions provides additional benefits:

  • Intuitive user interfaces make time entry a breeze.
  • Configurability options that help you capture your business processes and eliminate the need for custom programming, greatly speeding up implementation cycles.
  • Seamless upgrades and maintenance delivered regularly and automatically, that free up time and resources for you to concentrate on your core business.
  • Award-winning customer support—the hallmark of a quality solutions provider.
  • World-class data security, no-hassle implementation, and vastly reduced costs compared to traditional on-premise software.

The Department of Labor estimates that nearly seven out of ten employers are not in compliance with Fair Labor Standards Act regulations. With stepped up enforcement of labor laws and a growing number of DoL auditors being hired, noncompliance can lead to significant penalties and harm your company’s reputatio.

Eliminating manual tracking of time and attendance and switching to web based time tracking is one of the most effective ways to enforce compliance and adherence to regulations.

Replicon solutions such as Time Off help companies avoid compliance and regulatory issues by offering hassle-free cloud-based time tracking solutions, which streamline the payroll process and manage overtime and policy enforcement. Additional benefits include provisions for automating business rules around overtime, meal breaks, rest periods, etc., and the provision of an audit trail to prove compliance in case of a DoL investigation.

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