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Project Management and Costing

Gain the visibility you need for efficient, successful Project Management and Costing with central access to real-time project information throughout the project lifecycle.

Easy project set up and administration

Easy project set up and administration

  • Create projects with multi-level hierarchies in seconds
  • Easily define project milestones
  • Assign approved expenses by project
  • Set budgets for time and costs per project

Robust project tracking

  • Get real-time visibility into project costs and hours worked
  • Track budget to actuals to ensure projects are on-time and on-budget
  • Get a bird’s eye view of all projects across all stages
Easy project set up and administration


Program Analysis

Assign related projects to programs for high-level visibility into company performance. Programs automatically roll up data across many projects for a consolidated view of costs and budget-to-actual performance.

Simplified Program Management

Simplified Program Management

  • Manage a variety of programs across your organization
  • Centrally view a portfolio of projects associated with a program
  • Gain full visibility into program status and performance with dynamic charts


Time Tracking

Easy-to-use time tracking ensures complete time capture, faster reporting, accurate project costing, and efficient project execution.

Hassle-free Timesheet

Simplified Time Capture

  • Easily track employee hours by task or project
  • Add comments about individual tasks linked to time entries
  • Show employees only the projects to which they are assigned to ensure security and prevent errors
  • Configure timesheet effortlessly with custom fields to capture the data you need
  • Send reminders by email to encourage on-time completion

Flexible Approval Paths

  • Configure approval paths with up to five levels
  • Include project managers and other stakeholders in the chain of command
  • Set approvers to be sequential or simultaneous
Multi-Level Approval Paths
Anytime, Anywhere Mobile Access

Anytime, Anywhere Mobile Access

  • Enter time against projects from anywhere in seconds using your smartphone or tablet
  • Receive reminders, enter time, or review and approve timesheets on the go
  • All edits on mobile device immediately sync to the Replicon Cloud


Resource Management

Get the insight you need to improve resource productivity and job satisfaction by assigning the right people to the right jobs and ensuring that everyone involved with your project is working to capacity.

Holistic resource managemen

Holistic resource management

  • View all resources and their current allocation levels
  • Filter by date, department, client project, and more to hone in on the exact data you need
  • Quickly toggle between daily, weekly, and monthly views
  • Instantly assign resources to projects on the fly

Project staffing and management

  • Quickly locate resources based on availability, skill set, department, or other criteria
  • Assign resources to projects in seconds
  • Allocate resources to projects by percentage of total availability or by hours per day
Project staffing and management
Resource forecasting

Productivity tracking and optimization

  • Use the graphical calendar to easily spot underutilized or over-utilized resources
  • Report on utilization by various dimensions with dynamic charts and graphs
  • Motivate employees by displaying utilization levels on their timesheets

Resource forecasting

  • Assign “placeholders” to pending projects to effectively account for resource requirements, without having to allocate a specific resource
  • Generate resource forecast reports to gain visibility into the future availability of your staff
  • Analyze resource availability by skillset to proactively hire or retrain resources and meet future demand
Project staffing and management


Analytics and Reporting

Advanced, self-service analytics and real-time reporting capabilities help you meet time and budget requirements, use resources more efficiently, and manage project costs like a pro.

Advanced Dynamic Analytics

Advanced Dynamic Analytics

  • Get the “big picture” with dynamic, real-time summary charts and dashboards
  • Insights are delivered “in-context”—there’s no need for a separate reporting tab
  • Zoom in to focus on specific areas with animated and dynamic charts

Real-Time Reporting

  • Get real-time visibility into project status and costs with ready-made reports
  • Easily configure reports to filter and view the data the way you want it
  • Schedule reports to be emailed at regular intervals or export them
Real-Time Reporting
Advanced Dynamic Analytics

Embedded Dashboard Metrics

  • Find informative metrics on every page, as you work
  • Analyze data at-a-glance with in-context summaries and percentages
  • Stay on top of projects with fast access to key numbers


Easily Integrate Replicon PPM with Existing Systems

To add value, Replicon PPM must work seamlessly with your existing operational environment and systems. That’s why we’ve designed our products to integrate easily with virtually any project management or financial solution, so you can start realizing the benefits of cloud-based project planning, expense and resource management immediately.

Replicon PPM works seamlessly with:

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Custom Integration

Need to integrate your proprietary systems with Replicon PPM? We're happy to work with you to develop the right solution. Please contact a Replicon Account Representative for more information about our custom integration options.



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