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In house to SaaS Migration

We are considering moving to a SaaS model for our time keeping system. However, we use time data quite extensively across various departments. Therefore, we have a fair bit of data transfer between timesheets and other systems. Since the application is hosted on your end, I was wondering what kind of integration tools do you provide for your SaaS infrastructure. It would be great if you have a document or something, alternatively a brief explanation will suffice, for now.

Re: In house to SaaS Migration


Thank you for your question, As you are planning to move to the SaaS model from standard,the integration part will be same, you will still be able to integrate with Quick books and MS Project.

What kind of data transfer are you looking at? what is the file format in which you want the transfer to take place?

If you can provide more information on this i can update you based on the requirement.