Fisher Vista

Using Replicon TimeBill & WebExpense gave me an 85% increase in productivity with valuable time back… time that could be spent on billable projects.

Adriana Saldana,
Vice President,
Fisher Vista Services Group


Professional Services and Public Relations

Capitola, California

Replicon Solutions
TimeBill and WebExpense

Since using TimeBill and WebExpense, the benefits have been:

  • Managers and staff spend less time on entering hours and more time on billable work.
  • More timely and accurate billing and revenue capture.
  • Greater visibility into project staffing with the ability to make real-time staffing adjustments.

Fisher Vista, LLC Realizes 85% Gain in Workplace Productivity with Replicon TimeBill

Company Profile

Fisher Vista, LLC is a leading marketing software and services firm in the human resources industry. The company's brands include, SocialEars HR and the Fisher Vista services group. Since 2000, Fisher Vista has helped nearly 1,000 customers do a better job of marketing to HR departments by helping them generate increased publicity, website traffic and sales leads.


The Challenge

With the economy back on an upswing, Fisher Vista was experiencing significant demand for its software and services by marketing and public relations professionals seeking to target HR decision makers. Fisher Vista was also seeing early success with its new cloud software, SocialEars HR, that helps companies improve their content marketing and grow their online visibility.

As Fisher Vista's customer base rapidly grew, Adriana Saldana, vice president of Fisher Vista services group, realized the firm’s traditional means of tracking staff time and managing client projects was no longer efficient, nor sustainable. Saldana was spending nearly two days per week trying to meticulously track staff time on client projects, reworking calculations to ensure accuracy, communicating billability to employees as well as juggling staff workload on numerous projects.

Furthermore, Saldana had no visibility into project profitability, a critical need for a business dependent on tracking and monetizing staff time. Saldana could see the negative impact on the firm's overall productivity and worked with Katrina Busselle, vice president of Client Services, to research a time tracking and billing software solution that would turn wasted hours into billable, productive time.


The Solution

Fisher Vista needed a scalable solution that can efficiently track project time, is easy-to-use and deploy, and provides a convenient, comprehensive system to manage varying hourly staff billing rates, expenses and especially profitability by project and per employee. Saldana and Busselle evaluated dozens of products and ultimately chose Replicon for its "hassle-free" approach to time tracking and cloud-based technology. With Replicon's cloud-based TimeBill and Web-Expense products, Saldana could now easily track staff time and staff cost at every stage, allowing her to not only obtain full visibility into how many hours were being spent on each project, but give her a reliable tool to make staffing adjustments on a real-time basis and improve overall project profitability.

"Using Replicon TimeBill and WebExpense gave me an 85% increase in productivity with valuable time back… time that could be spent on billable projects," said Saldana. "It also gave me immediate peace of mind, knowing that my billing data was accurate, our staff was being truly productive and that I could now focus on our business."

Customer service was another invaluable asset for Fisher Vista. With Replicon's robust - yet flexible - cloud technology, the company's dedicated Customer Success representative got Fisher Vista up and running in a matter of weeks vs. months. The Customer Success specialist who was assigned to Fisher Vista kept in close touch with Saldana, with frequent check-ins post implementation to ensure everything was running smoothly. Saldana was surprised to find that due to Replicon's user-friendly and Web 2.0 intuitive interface, staff was able to easily enter time and expenses, once again saving valuable time for the entire organization.

"With Replicon, our team was up and running with the new time tracking and expense system in a few days – an extremely important factor when you need your team hours focused on billable hours," added Busselle. "Our team found the software interface intuitive and easy-to-use and we were surprised to find how quickly staff adapted and started using the new tracking solution from day one."


The Results

Improved time management

Fisher Vista considers Replicon TimeBill and WebExpense to be critical components of overall account and staff management. Providing an easy-to-use time tracking tool made filling out time sheets a hassle-free, efficient experience, resulting in timely capture of staff time on projects, more accurate data, improved billability, reliable projections and profitability as a company.

Reduced revenue leakage

For a services firm, time is money and any lost or uncaptured time has a direct impact on revenue. With Replicon's easy-to-use and intuitive interface, Saldana saw immediate improvement in capturing all staff time in a timely manner. With complete data in the system, Saldana was able to invoice clients on time and not worry about missing hours or the hassle of revising invoices.

Productive, billable workforce

Fisher Vista now has a productivity tool that enables them to track individual employee hours, varied staff hourly rates and real-time progress against projects. By using Replicon TimeBill and WebExpense, Fisher Vista has gained control over hours, improving the firm’s ability to place valuable staff time on billable projects, greater visibility into how projects are run and budgeted, and the ability to maintain a productive workforce.


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