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How to Elevate Your Project Management Skills

Project Management

All good project managers have certain qualities in common: excellent communication, top-notch organization, and being cool under pressure. But how do you go from being a good project manager to being an extraordinary project manager? Read on to learn the 7 ways you can elevate your project management skills.


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How to stay productive in an open-plan office

Open office

With open office layouts increasing in popularity how does one manage to get any work done? Check out our 5 best practices for staying productive in a noisy office.


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Six ways to stay motivated and productive at work during summer

Summer working

With the warm weather distracting you and the office practically empty, staying focused and productive at work can be difficult in the summer. Try these six tips to keep you productive and inspired.


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The next wave of tech IPOs are coming

Tech wave

With only two technology IPOs this year Replicon co-founder & co-CEO, Raj Narayanaswamy, examines why more companies aren’t going public and when we can expect to see the next wave of tech IPOs.


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A brief history of overtime in the United States

A brief history of overtime

Overtime has come a long way in the United States. See how and why it all started with a brief look into the history of overtime.


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The five reasons employees work overtime

Employees work overtime

We are working longer hours than ever before. Ahead of the new overtime rules taking effect in the U.S., what are the five reasons we clock in overtime hours, and how can we fix it?


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How the overtime rules could impact your summer internships

Summer internships

If you’re hiring summer interns and new graduates, the new overtime rule could affect you. Find out how to prepare for these changes.


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Five ways the new overtime pay rules will affect your business

Overtime pay rules

The Department of Labor finalized the new overtime pay rules. Here’s the five things you need to review with the overtime changes.


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Six ways to encourage your clients to pay their invoices

Encourage your clients to pay their invoices

Stop chasing client invoices! Learn 6 best practices business owners should adopt to minimize client non-payment.


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